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UPLIFT provides virtual and in-person events for children 5-17 years old who are impacted by their parent or caregiver's cancer diagnosis. In-person events are held at kid-friendly Lowcountry venues like the S.C. Aquarium, The Alley, and Charlestown Landing. Children throughout the state can participate in our virtual events.


During both virtual and in-person events, children are taught coping skills, and parents are offered resources to help support their children. Upon enrollment into the program, each family also receives an UPLIFT Welcome Package. These personalized, mindfulness-based, and play-based packages provide developmentally appropriate materials and activities.

UPLIFT families also have access to our Certified Child Life Specialist, who provides quarterly check-ins to ensure that children are coping well and that families are receiving the resources they need to help them during and after their cancer diagnosis.

A Play-based Approach

Our UPLIFT program is designed and implemented by a Certified Child Life Specialist to ensure that program content is developmentally appropriate and founded in theories of play and coping. Our child life specialist is trained to provide support to children, adolescents, and their families through difficult life events, and to help them cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury, disability, and loss. The specialist, with the support of student volunteers, implements a variety of therapeutic modalities including play, visual, auditory and tactile self-expression activities, and stress reduction using a family-centered-care model.


UPLIFT volunteers engage children during the events with a goal of all children and adolescents having an enjoyable, healthy experience. Volunteers are students at College of Charleston, The Medical University of South Carolina, and The Honors College at the College of Charleston.  All student volunteers complete Darkness to Light training as well as additional training on how to work with children going through traumatic experiences.  


Read more about the role and benefits of Child Life Specialists.

How To Sign up your Child

To find out more about UPLIFT, please fill out the UPLIFT Program Inquiry form. Once you fill out the form, our Child Life Specialist will reach out to you via email or phone and complete the enrollment process. Your child will then receive the UPLIFT Welcome package and can attend their first UPLIFT event.


If  you have additional questions about the UPLIFT program, please email

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