About the Mini Grant Program

The Michelle Somogyi Nemeth Mini Grant Program provides financial assistance to UPLIFT families during their cancer journey. These grants of up to $500 are used for utility bills, school supplies, medical costs, gas, and counseling services. 


The program is named in honor of Michelle Somogyi Nemeth, an UPLIFT Mom who lost her battle to cancer in 2017, just a few months after enrolling her daughter in the UPLIFT program. Michelle recognized how impactful the UPLIFT program would be for her daughter as she and her family navigated her diagnosis.

An avid tennis player, Michelle's contacts with the Haygood/Grady Memorial Tennis Tournament led to The Lonon Foundation being named one of the tournament's local nonprofits who benefit from their yearly fundraiser. With funds from this tournament and ongoing, generous donations from Michelle's friends, the Somogyi and Nemeth families, we are able to offer this important resource to our UPLIFT families. 

If you have a child in our UPLIFT program, you are eligible to receive a mini grant award from The Lonon Foundation. 


How To Donate?


If you would like to know more about how to donate to the Michelle Somogyi Nemeth Mini Grant Program, or other ways to support our UPLIFT families, please email thelononfoundation@gmail.com

Michelle Somogyi Nemeth Mini Grant Program